2018  Breedings

  email  me  if  you are interested in reserving kids  from any of these breedings.  Prices  are subject to change as  kids  develop coat, and show potential.
All of  my goats  are registered  with MSFG .  Kids  will be  disbudded, vaccinated,  microchipped, and sold  with registration paperwork.
Prices for  my goats are $500 - $1000 depending on pedigree, coat, and show potential.
Wethers will be  discounted.

As the breeder, I  reserve the right to refuse sale  for any reason. 

Heading 3

*** I usually retain some  of  my kids  to  see how they develop.  After they mature a little  I can make a decision on who to keep and  who will be available.  If  you are interested in one of the kids  I have retained  please let  me  know ***
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2018 kids AVAILABLE are marked with a Star 

Phoenix Farm Firestarter
bred to 
Full Circle Sam I Am

​Born 3/8/18

3 Bucklings

2 sold as Wethers 

Signatures Allure
bred to 
Redneck Acres Deja Blue

​Born 1/31/18
Black and white buckling.  Sold as a wether

Full Circle China
 bred to 
Redneck Acres Deja Blue

Born 2/6/18 

Blue and White buckling - AVAILABE

Signature's Flurry
bred to 
Deja Blue

​Born 2/24/18 
Twin boys 


Signature's Chrystal Blue
bred to 
Full Circle Sam I Am

​Born 2/25/19

Silver doeling - Sold

Signatures Silver Belle
bred to 
FJF Boutineere

​Born 2/27/18 
Silver Doeling

Signature's Blue Carnation

OHD Maple
bred to 
Deja Blue 

​Born 3/2/18

Silver buckling AVAILABLE

Blue and white doeling SOLD

Redneck Acres Steel Magnolia
bred to 
Full Circle Sam I Am

​Born 3/1/18
Silver doeling _ SOLD

Signature's Antenna 
bred to 
Full Circle Sam I Am

​Born 3/17/18

Buckling - AVAILABLE

Signature's Poison ivy
Redneck acres Deja Vue

​Born 3/22/18

Blue and white Buckling - AVAILABLE

Sol Orrs Rapunzel
Bear Creeks 

​Born 4/12/18
Brown Boeling - SOLD

Cream and white doeling - KEEPER

Signatures Khaki