Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

To learn more about this new and elegant breed of long haired goats, please click on the link above to read about the standard and history of the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat.
     I keep a small herd of Mini Silky goats. Located in Upper Maryland.  My goats are  sold as pets and show or breeding prospects.  This is not a meat goat  or a dairy goat....  they are  beautiful long haired pets with  awesome personalities.  Mini silkys are easy keepers, and not  the  destructive  escape artists  other breeds are. 
      My goats do faint  (Myotonic)  but  I do my best to make sure  they are not stressed enough to faint.  Myotonia congenita is a genetic condition that  causes  the  muscles  to  contract...  imobilizing the goat.  Young goats  sometimes  fall down  "faint".  The  goat  is  fully concious,  but temporarilly unable to move for a few seconds.   For more information on Myotonic goats.  please  visit  Myotonic Goat Registry

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