Peafowl colors 
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Peafowl Wing type 

Peafowl patterns

Barred Wing - India blue
Black Wing -  Black Shoulder


Silver pied
White eye


Spalding (hybrid - India Blue x Pavo Muticus)
India blue (blue neck/barred  Wing)
Black Shoulder (blue neck /black wing)
Midnight Blackshoulder

Peafowl come in 12 recognized colors by the United Peafowl Association.  As well as 3 pattern, and 2 different wing types. A bird can have more  than  one pattern. (white  eye  and  pied)

Since  India Blue  Barred Wing pattern is  the most common,  Barred Wing is not mentioned  in  the  name, only Black Shoulder  when it applies.

When naming a variety color is  listed  first,  then wing type , then pattern... such as  Cameo Black Shoulder White eye

Spalding is a hybrid  meaning  the bird carries some percentage of  Pavo Muticus - phenotypes range  greatly in hybrids.

The  word Spalding is always  listed  first  when  naming a variety...  Such as  Spalding Cameo BlackShoulder White eye

Peafowl breeding season  is  very  short. 
May thrugh September.

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Opal male