Mini Silky SENIOR Does

Master Champion Bayshore's Elvira

MSFG F2368
DOB 5/1/10
Elvira is a solid black doe.  She  earned her  Master  Championship 2012 and two Best in Show Wins 2013

Sol-Orr's Rapunzel

MSFG 1024
DOB 3/15/08
Tri colored
Rapunzel and Maple  were my first Mini Silkys.  Rapunzel is  a  very friendly, and classy lady.

OHD Maple

MSFG 1905
DOB 2/21/09
Maple is Rapunzels daughter,  she  is a beautiful tri colored doe  who has  produced  some of  my  favorite  goats.

Bayshore's Fawn

MSFG 2764
DOB 5/20/11
Fawn  is a total sweetheart,  and has passed on  her  lovely disposition to her offspring.  

Signature's Poison Ivy

MSFG 2763
DOB 5/21/11
Ivy is  the product of  my first  mini silky breeding ....  Her mom is Elvira.
Ivy has a  great  coat  and  a lot of bangs. 

April 2016 Tested Negative for  Jones  and CAE

Signature's Gypsy

MSFG 3540
DOB 1/22/13
Sire - MCH Flying J Roulette
Dam - MCH Elvira

Signature's Martina

MSFG 3539
DOB 1/21/13
Sire - MCH Flying J Roulette
Dam - Hobby Hills  Whisper
Martina has  stunning  blue  eyes
and passes  those eyes  to most of her kids.

Redneck Acres Steele Magnolia

MSFG 4449
DOB 1/16/13
Sire - Redneck Acres Blue Chip
Dam - Bayshore's Precious Hope
Maggie is a TINY little  white  and blue doe,  the  smallest doe in the herd.

Signature's Flurry

MSFG F4591
DOB 1/21/14
Flurry is blue roan, peacock pattern
She and her sister Windy  are part of my blue silky project.  parents are  Elvira and  MGR Blue Steel
Flurry is my most extreme fainter.

Signature's Antenna

MSFG 4024
DOB 1/24/14
Sire  MCH Flying J Roulette
Dam OHD Maple
Anna is  very stylish little  lady.  With awesome high set ears  and a  nice coat

April 2016 Tested Negative for  Jones  and CAE

Signature's Dreamin' Blue

MSFG 4568
DOB 2/1/15
Sire  Signature's Blue Denim
Dam MCH Elvira
Dream  is  2nd generation  blue mini silky
She has  a  very thick  coat,  and  great  length 

Signature's Crystal Blue

MSFG 4858
DOB 4/10/15
Sire  Deja Blue
Dam Signature's Classy
Photo on left  -  1 yr old.

Crystal  has  a  very  long  coat  for  a  young  lady..  one  of  my best  blues  so  far.

Signature's Allure

MSFG 4567
DOB 2/15/15
Sire MCH  Flying j Roulette
Dam Sol Orr's Rapunzel
Allure  is a substantial doe.  With really  nice  texture to her  coat. 


Sparkling Jewel 

MSFG F5382
DOB 2014 

Sire  Unknown
Dam Unknown 

Jewel is registered as a Foundation Doe.   She  is  a  solid  girl,  with  an  extreme coat. 

Westwind Acres Mackenzie

MSFG 4544
DOB 12/19/14 

Sire - Bear Creek's Stellar 
Dam - MCH Westwind Acres Fool's Gold
  Mackenzie is  a beautiful red and  white colored  doe.  Im  excited  to  see  the  colors  she  will  produce  with  my bucks. 


Phoenix Farm Firestarter

Nigerian Dwarf 
ADGA D1683372
DOB 3/14/14

Blue eyes
Red with white markings